The Reflections of Narcissus


The Death and Further Adventures
of Oscar Wilde

Ardythe Ashley

What if Oscar Wilde had not died in a Paris hotel room but had been spirited away—as it were—to live another ten years, coming to terms with all the terrible things that had happened to him towards the end of his remarkable life? Spend a few more years in love, friendship, sorrow and healing with the master of wit and lover of beauty.

Miracle Workers and Jugglers   return in kind   what silent love hath writ book
  the dancer and the dance   digital video book

Miracle Workers and Jugglers

Cordelia Holvey

After 20 years of blindness, Mercy Stillwater suddenly and “miraculously” regains her sight and her comfortable existence is gone in a flash.

She’d rather have been kept in the dark…


Return in Kind

Laura C. Stevenson

A stunning, highly original novel with a cast of gifted characters who confront a haunted past that threatens to consume them…

What Silent Love Hath Writ: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Martin S. Bergmann & Michael Bergmann

The Sonnets abound in magnificent metaphors and many of them can be understood, now, in the conceptual language developed by psychoanalysis…


The Dancer and the Dance

Douglas M. Knight

This memoir asks: how does a first-rate liberal education justify itself in the “four-dimensional world of our common experience?”…


Trifling with Fate: How to Make a Digital Feature Film

Michael Bergmann

Based on his experiences as a writer/director, Michael Bergmann has written a how-to book on making a digital feature…


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