Miracle Workers and Jugglers

Cordelia Holvey

With the frigid first breaths of spring, Mercy Stillwater “miraculously” regains her sight. Fresh eyes reveal deception and illuminate truths that might be better left unseen…

Her ever-on-the-cusp-of-fame, starving artist husband has been lying; her reclusive mother spends her days lighting candles for strangers on newscasts, and, hunkered down across the street, a devout flock witnesses an icon in peeling clapboards. Is this a sign that Mercy’s gift of sight is the handiwork of the Almighty?

A fading reporter trusts that this “vision” is the story that will catapult her into stardom; she’ll stop at nothing to get the scoop.
Mercy longs to flee the turmoil; a ticket out arrives from an enigmatic executive who believes that miracles are for losers and manipulating opportunity is the only way to find the American dream.

But when the cause of a past tragedy, long kept under wraps by Mercy’s blindness, is unearthed, there is a struggle for answers: what constitutes a gift, what is forgivable, and, is anything worth believing in?

An engaging story told with wit and insight, Miracle Workers and Jugglers follows its characters for one year, boomeranging from the Midwest to Manhattan and back.

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Hardcover: ISBN 0971287260
Paperback: ISBN 0971287280


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